Abborresjöns FVF

Abborresjön, Böljesjön, Ottersjön

Perch Lake:

Allowed fishing manner: Spinning (not Bombarda), Fly

These fishing methods are also allowed from float tube performed with fins (no oars!). Fishing from float tube is allowed only in Perch Lake!

Besides Rainbow is also a small population of brown trout.
All trout in Perch Lake is therefore protected species and should be replaced. The surrounding area consists of pine forests and saint parties while the beaches consist mainly of rock and stone. There are several pieces of fly-fishing-friendly places.

St. Kroksjön:

Allowed fishing manner: Spinning (not Bombarda), Fly

The lake has rainbow except a small fine populations of arctic char and a small stand stationary wild trout. This small trout strain we try now by actively fishing management to build a fish portfolios for our guests in a few years. All trout in the Great Kroksjön is therefore protected species and should be replaced.
The lake lies in a nature reserve so it is the nature reserve rules that apply and do not roam law.
There is an information board at the lake's outlet that describes what applies to the rules and what is interesting in the area. Around st.Kroksjön there are four pieces shelter with fireplace for the night, a couple of pieces coffee table to rest and enjoy the view.
West of the dam is a toilet, see the signs.
The neighborhood consists of forest of jungle character.
The beaches vary between rock and moraine soil.
In the south there is a swampy party, in the north, the mountains are steep and plunge straight into the lake. From the top of these has a very beautiful view over the lake.
Apart from the steep mountains you can fish around the lake.
The beaches are clean, with long flat rocks and lättvadad bottom. The lake is very friendly and fly by its size so is easy to find their own little special place. Since 1987, it has invested in quality fishing in this lake.

Otter Lake:

Permitted fishing methods: Coarse fishing, spin fishing, fly fishing

Our familjesjö there is also a handicap dock and toilet adjacent to the road, several floating docks and a shelter.

The surrounding area is mostly composed of mixed coniferous forest and it is nice to fish around the lake and there are several nice places suitable for fly fishing although Spinning is the most dominant here.


Permitted fishing methods: Fly-fishing

Is a nice little lake where only fly fishing is allowed.
At böljesjön is a shelter for the night and the toilet at the parking lot.
There are five pieces. throwing bridges, picnic table and some nice wading places. The surrounding area consists of mixed coniferous forest and clearings, it is at times vadbar but there are several pieces floating docks to facilitate fly-fishing.

A film from Perch Lake & St. hook lake

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please contact Abborresjöns FVF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Brown Trout




Endast i Ottersjön



Endast i Ottersjön



Endast i Ottersjön



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Abborresjöns FVF

Logo Abborresjöns FVF

The club was formed on 5 September. 1967 by Nils and Leif Danielson together with Björn Löfgren in Alafors Abborresjöns Fiskvårdsforening. Today we are a fishing-care club with about 50 members who actively fish and operate environmentally friendly fishing in our lakes: Stora Kroksjön, Abborresjön, Ottersjön and Böljesjön.

In Stora Kroksjön you can find p. A. Self-reproducing stocks of char, eagle and elritsa which we try to protect
This small tribe is now trying to build a powerful, for our guests, fishable strain in a few years through active fishing. Right now, all trout is protected and is to be reissued.

We put out very high quality fish throughout the season and even a lot of larger rainbows to give your fisherman a greater opportunity to get a real swimmer on the hook.

For us it is important that you get a nature experience at the lake as well as high quality fish that provide a fun fight and a lot of vigil in the lakes.

The club's goal is to have a nice fishing day with high quality fish and a wonderful nature experience at one of our wonderful lakes.


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