Anens FVOF


Fishing and fish

Pike (n), Perch (n), Roach (n) Ruffe (n), Lake (s), Vendace (s)
s = sparse presence
n = normal occurrence
r = abundance

Fishing season and fishing methods

Spinning and trolling pike from April to November, perch from May to October
Angling: Perch April to August, roach May to September
Ice fishing: Perch December to March

record Fish

Pike: 12.5 kg
Perch: 2.15 kg

Fishing license

Day 50 SEK
Weekly license 100 SEK
Annual license 250 SEK (annual pass meaning calendar year)
Children under 15 may fish without a fishing license.

Fishing permits

Omar Namnieks
Locknevi Manor 411
59894 Vimmerby
Tel: 0492-70069

Gunnar Grindestam
Kila Farm
59042 Horn
Tel: 0494-35030

Sture Karlsson
Bråkmakargatan 3
59891 Vimmerby
Tel: 0492-13363

Anens swimming and camping
Tel: 0492-70029

Fishing rules

A maximum of two rods per angler trolling
At catching walleye are minimum dimensions 40 cm
Fixed gear such as nets and creels are not included
When ice fishing includes up to 8 angeldon

Boats and boat rentals

A plastic rowboat can be rented at Anens swimming and camping. Price 50 per day.
Contact Sture Karlsson, Tel: 0492-70029, 0492-13363

Seafood Service

Sale of fishing gear

Intro Price
Fiskaregatan 1
59837 Vimmerby
Tel: 0492-20950

Other services and activities in the area

Holiday rentals

Omar Namnieks
Locknevi Manor
59894 Vimmerby
Tel: 0492-70069

Offers modern cabin with 6 beds 5 kilometers from the An.
Boat included in the rent.


Omar Namnieks
Locknevi Manor 411
59894 Vimmerby
Tel: 0492-70069

Sture Johansson
Åninge Locknevi
59894 Vimmerby
Phone: 070-3287316


None currently.

Fish species











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Anens FVOF

Anen offers good fishing for pike and perch

Welcome to the lake Anen located about 30 km northeast of Vimmerby. The lake is 360 hectares is mainly surrounded by pine forests and is Headwater to Botorpsströmmen. The average depth is 4.5 meters and maximum depth is 17 meters.

Anen is known for the fine quality of pike and perch. Walleye have been released on several occasions, but has not really established itself.

From 1953 to 1990 the fishery was managed by Anens Fiskevårdsförening. Due to the change in legislation was formed in 1990 Anens FVOF (Fiskevårdsområdesförening), which since then manages the fishery.


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