Bakvattnets FVOF


Sea backwater located in the small mountain village backwater for county road 689 in Krokom, about 11 mil NW of Ostersund.

Boats let in place. The beautiful view of Ansättfjällen the bargain when you fish from a boat or jigs on the ice in winter.

Popular lake with fishermen in summer and winter. In the lake you get char and trout.

Fish species

Brown Trout




Org ID: 329, Area 291

Bakvattnets FVOF

Backwater Fiskevårdsområdesförening works to promote the growth of char and trout through continuous restocking of the local tribe.

The association wants to work to visiting anglers to easily be given the opportunity to have a fishing license on site, via SMS or via the web.

Contact persons

Conny Magnusson, Tel. 0645-350 20


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