Bellens FVOF



  Jönköpings län / Eksjö Municipality.
A description of ”Bellen”
  • Type of lake   A moderate nutritional clear lake 
  • Areal           7 km2 (1730 acres)
  • Deepest depth 20 m
  • Average depth       6,2 m (”Stora Bellen”)
  • Metres above sea level         205 m
Species of fish:
Pike, perch, roach, tench, white fish, vendace, bream, burbot, smelt, ruff and signal crayfish.

The largest reported fishes: 

  • Pike: over 10 kg plus 
  • Perch: over 1 kg

Fishery conservation association: 
Bellens FVOF (Bellens Fiske Vårds Områdes Förening).” Fishery Districts Association of Bellen” 

To consider: 
  • Crayfishing not allowed
  • Only handheld tools are permitted
  • A boat launching site is located next to Bellö´s beach, on a specifically designed location. (The northern part of  ”Lilla Bellen”).
  • There is a bathroom at Bellö beach. 

Fishing tips: 
The lakes of Bellen have a good population of perch and the pike fishing can be very successful. Common methods are: angling, spinning and using jigs.
Fishing monitoring
  • Johan Wede: 0381-220 64
  • Ronny Hälleljung:  0381-222 42,
  • Ulrik Karlborg:  0495-129 56
  • Göran Silfverhielm: 0381-22 11 0        
Fishing permitted for: Those who can show a valid fishing license and the property owners that have permission to fish according to: ” The list of fishing rights holders in lake Bellen”.

Bellen´s Fishery Conservation Association

Fish species









Org ID: 108, Area 72

Bellens FVOF

Bellens FVOF förvaltar fisket i Stora och Lilla Bellen på småländska höglandet.

Contact persons

Göran Silfverheilm
070-35 50 107, 0381-22 110


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Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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