Borken Såkens FVO


Borken Såken

  Östergötlands län / Åtvidaberg Municipality.

Borken Sokens FVO manages the following water:
Borken, Halgen, Hemgölen, Hörsjön, Kvarnsjön, Lilla Engölen, Lilla Mörtgöl, Stengölen, St Gullringsvattnet, St. Englien, St Mörtgöl, Skeken, Trihörn .

Borken Sokens FVO is located about 1 mile northeast of Åtvidaberg towards Fröjerum. The lakes are clearly marked with signs indicating the name of the water. Depth maps are available to the larger lakes.

Great fish are found in the lakes. Biggest pike with hand tools weighed 12.6kg and largest perch taken with pimpel 2.4kg. So hold the gear!

  • Landing ramps are available for the following lakes: Såken, Borken, Trihörn, Hörsjön, Halgen, Kvarnsjön.
  • Boat Rental: Kvarnsjön, Halgen and Hörsjön 0120 - 620 48, 070 - 260 36 88 Karin.

Boat ramps:
Important information! All ramps are not suitable for 2wd and heavy boats. All echoes must be parked after loading in order not to block the ramp.

For more information, see Contacts below!

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Inplantering sker

Org ID: 102, Area 66

Borken Såkens FVO

Borken Sokens FVO works a lot with fish care. Gossiping has taken place in a few lakes.

Boat ramps have been built to most lakes and more information is available on our Facebook page:
Borken Sokens FVO .

Contact persons

Andreas Andersson:
070 - 299 17 01


Fishing areas nearby Borken Såkens FVO

Bysjön (Vegalla)
Glupen, Parsen, Stora- och Lilla Mysingen mfl
Hövern, Lången, Hemsjön
Tedensjöarna, Gersken och Losjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Östergötlands län
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