Säffle Sportfiskeförening

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Stand in the decent parts of Säffle and fish in one of Sweden's best seawater or take a boat trip and look where the big gos, pike or perch stood. If you are hungry, there are restaurants nearby or why not cook their freshly caught fish on the grill at the guest harbor?


Org ID: 1018, Area 977

Säffle Sportfiskeförening

Säffle Sportfiskeforening is responsible for fishing activities such as the sale of fishing licenses and the supervision of Säffle municipality's leaking waters in Byälven. The water stretches from the northern tip of the rocked islet to Låka lighthouse and is divided into 3 different zones. The water is part of the Harefjord fishing area but is divided into 2 compounds.

Contact persons

Hemsidan: http://www.safflesportfiskeforening.cybersite.nu
Fiskevärdar: telefon: 0702-27 26 30


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