Handöls Skifteslag Samfällighetsförening

Enan, Handölan, Dragsån

The fishing waters in Handöls community association are all the classic water with natural populations where no restocking going on. In Southern Rensjön can catch trout and char of very good quality and Enan and Handölan are trout in the unregulated stream of water. In internal Dragsån can catch both trout trout but also lake trout. The fishing grounds are located close to the magnificent mountains - Snasahögarna- Bunnerfjäll others. Parts of enan and Handölan available in the art. In Southern Rensjön winter can fish with a good chance for big trout and char. The fishing permit is valid for Enan downstream bridge in Enafors where E-14 crosses the river, Handölan up to the case, Dragsåns inner part and in the southern Rensjön.
NOTE! Fishing in Southern Rensjön only winter fishing!
Children under 15 fish free in the company of an adult.

Fish species

Brown Trout




Org ID: 68, Area 27

Handöls Skifteslag Samfällighetsförening

Handöls community association consists of property owners in the Handöl which have a joint fisheries in a number of water in western Jämtland. Some of these waters is made available to the public.

Contact persons

Tage Sjölund 070-3212075, Torbjörn Öien 070-3753668


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