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Ericbergs säteris vatten

Ericsberg's sister site manages Ramsjön , Blåkulla , Älgsjön, Storsjön, Malmsjön (Ericsbergs part), Stensjön , Nyckelsjön , Lundsbolsjön, Nyköpingsån downstream bridge to Ericberg, Storsjön and Hönstorpasjön .

We put annual gossip in Storsjön and Hönstorpasjön. By the way, there are very large perch in these waters, not uncommon with fish over kilot, sometimes up to 2 kilograms as well. The pike here is also nice, often comes up with fish of 5-8 kg.

There are also several shallow and nutritious lakes, where there is plenty of whitefish. Here the pike grows quickly both in size and size. Goes a little from year to year in shallow waters due to acid deficiency and other things that may affect the fish.

For those of you who are a little extra interested, we think that there are grass bubbles in one of our waters and large rows in another water. Contact us if you are interested in this.


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AB Ericsbergs Säteri

Ericsberg's castle dating from the 17th century offers a wide range of activities.
A baroque castle park, orangery, guided tours, horseback riding, hunting and of course fishing.

The goal of selling fishing licenses on Ericsberg's fields is to develop fishing in our lakes, as well as to bring more people to our amazing environment. A large part of the income will be spent on fishing for the various waters.

We aim to maintain the large perch trees already in our waters, as well as try to increase the weight of the top fish of other species.

We put annual gossip in Storsjön and Hönstorpasjön.

Contact persons

Tomas Andersson: 
0706 - 18 57 03


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