Femlingen-Grytens FVOF



  Kronobergs län / Älmhult and Alvesta Municipality.
Lake Femlingen located in the southeastern part of the Municipality of Älmhult, 2 mil east of the urban area. The lake has probably got its name because it has five protruding arms or tabs. Gryten is a smaller lake just north of Femlingen.

Femlingen is Helgeån one spring lake and has the best water in Helgeån water. Good opportunities for swimming are in the north at Fero.
The surface is 1374 ha. The depth varies between 1.5 and 3 m, but there is a deep hole where the depth is 8-9 m. The lake is about 9 km long, 2½ km wide. Boat rentals are available. Båtiläggningsplats available. The lake is very rich.
Species: Pike, perch, tench, roach and bream. Stocking of pike perch began in 2009.

Suitable fish ways: Spinning, angling, jigging, trolling. In winter, ice fishing and angel.

Parking: Few cars can park at Uthövdan, south of the lake and the Häradsbäck, eastern part.
At Fagranäs in the north is a greater Cot, båtiläggningsplats and barbecue.
Bath are on Fero at Fagranäs. Bath with bridge located at the Isthmus, Bohult.


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Femlingen-Grytens FVOF

Femlingen-Grytens fvof located in Älmhult Municipality. Femlingen is a spring lake to Helgeån. Details are on the website. Stocking of pike have occurred since 2009. Boat and Visit address see website.

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