Fiskeriket Småland


Fiskeriket (Dansjön, Helige Å, Salen)

Fish kingdom Småland currently consists of seven fishing areas that work together to give you the opportunity to fish in 17 lakes in a fishing license!
The lakes are beautifully located in Småland landscape between Alvesta and Ljungby on both sides of Highway 25th
The main species of fish in all the lakes are pike, perch, whitefish and eel.
In the larger lakes are also Walleye.
For more information see the area's website
  • Dansjön
  • fen
  • Furen at Gransholm
  • Furen at Moheda
  • On Holy
  • Detail Map-On Holy
  • Immen
  • Mill Lake
  • Moasjön
  • Olasjön
  • Osasjön
  • Hall
  • Sjöatorpssjön
  • The chips
  • Depth Map -Spånen
  • Tjurken
  • Trehörningarna
  • Älganässjön
 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please contact Fiskeriket Småland.

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Fiskeriket Småland

Fish kingdom currently consists of seven fishing areas that collaborate with the marketing of the lakes and the fishing opportunities.
We also give suggestions on fishing guides, boat rentals, iläggningsplatser, food and accommodation, through our website
A complete fishing experience becomes greater when you can choose from various lakes and water systems.

Contact persons

Ronny Runesson, 070-6167684
Johan Kårhammer, 070-6673538
Christer Andersson, tel. nr 070-6006328


Other fishing areas nearby Fiskeriket Småland

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Fishing areas in Kronobergs län
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