Flians Övre FVOF


Flians övre

Flian which drains Hornbogasjön is widely known for its fine fishing, primarily Id and Chub. There is also good access to pike, perch and roach. The river that reaches out 75km of which approximately 6 km in our waters is a tributary to the river Lidan who takes himself on to Vänern. Along the route from Lake spillway to route 184 (between Skara and Falköping) are great opportunities to find a little difficult locations where fishing is generally better. Otherwise, the best fishing situated directly downstream of the spillway.


Org ID: 925, Area 887

Flians Övre FVOF

-91 Association was formed in response to the Hornborgasjön outlet was rebuilt to regulate the water level in the lake. It has worked to ensure a sufficient supply of water in the river with sufficient oxygen levels.
The goal is to protect the fish species that have the potential to live in the river.

Contact persons

Joakim Pettersson 0730489949 joakim.pettersson83@gmail.com

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