Graninge FVO


Graningesjön, Grössjön, Stor-Häggsjön Lövsjön och Höån.

Anger is present in most of our waters. Stocks of greener trout are found in Graningesjön , Grössjön, Lövsjön and Stor-Häggsjön . Fishing for trout can be done in almost any running water.

Harr is found in Höån and Jämtån , otherwise extremely sparse.

Perch occurs in most waters and there are plenty of pike and whitefish in the larger lakes.

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Org ID: 388, Area 349

Graninge FVO

Graninge FVO was formed in 1993 and comprises 69 lakes and 3 million flowing waters. Graninge FVO manages the fisheries in this area for the 17 fish farms.

Contact persons

Håkan Nordlander:
0730 - 27 62 00


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