Korsbergaortens FVO


Hjärtasjön, Sörasjön, mfl.

Korsberga and the lakes included in Korsbergaorten Fishing Area – Lake Hjärtasjön, Lake Sörasjön, Lake Kolgölen, Lake Kolsjön and Lake Nässjagölen - are located around 15 kilometres south from Vetlanda. Try to tempt the pikes of Hjärtasjön with a slowly fished pike fly close to the vegetation belts in the spring.
Lake Hjärtasjön is, with its size of 528 acres, the biggest of the lakes included in Korsbergaorten Fishing Area. The bottom of the lake is flat and the lake is only slightly more than 4 metres deep at its deepest point. The outlet of Hjärtasjön – River Hjärtån – eventually enters Lake Grumlan, close to Vetlanda. 

Fish species
Pikeperchroachbreamruddtenchcrucian carp and burbot.


Org ID: 265, Area 225

Korsbergaortens FVO

Unfortunately, there is no boat ramp or boat for hire in Korsbergaorten Fishing Area. 

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