Ivösjöns FVOF

  Skåne län / Kristianstad and Bromölla Municipality.

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Ivösjöns Fiskevårdsförening sells fishing licenses:



The annual meeting will be held in March.


Org ID: 836, Area 796

Ivösjöns FVOF

Ivösjön is Scania's largest lake with a circumference of more than 50 kilometers and is situated in Kristianstad and Bromöllas municipalities. The lake's surface is 5163 ha, maximum depth is 51 m, and the average depth is about 11 m. The water quality is good with its location between the woodlands and plain calcareous soils. In addition to subsistence fishing, extensive recreational fishing of tourist guests. Earlier there were also fishermen in the lake.

Fishery Conservation Association members consist of the landowners around the lake with direct access to the lake and has fishing, mainly property taxed as agricultural property, and from these salvaged properties where fishing rights set forth in the land survey and purchase agreement. In addition, owners of properties in manpower put soil in the various communes around the lake members, mainly agricultural properties.

The association has a board with representatives from the lake's different parts and in the spring the fish are kept meeting where the activities are presented and the board selected.

Fishing leased to Ivösjön Fiskevårdsförening, IFVF, which takes care of the practical work with the management of the lake, the sale of fishing permits and any restocking of fish. The relationship between the clubs is governed by a tenancy agreement. The majority of the fishery conservation association's members are also members of IFVF.


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