Kilsbergen Sportfiske (Naturvatten)


Kilsbergen naturvatten Björneborg, Karlsdal, Villingsberg och Ramshyttan

  Örebro län / Örebro, Karlskoga and Nora Municipality.

Kilsbergen sport fishing manages a lot of natural waters in areas around Karlskoga, Pori and Nora. Kilsbergens naturvatten can be found in Karlsdal, Villingsberg, Pori and Ramshyttan. There are a total of 60 lakes and smaller ponds. In these waters we find natural stocks of pike, perch and some of them gazes, there is no fish release.

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Kilsbergen Sportfiske (Naturvatten)

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Kilsbergen Sportfiske Naturvatten is divided into 4 areas.

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Skagern, Storbjörken, Ölen, Möckeln m fl sjöar

Affiliated fishing areas in Örebro län
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