Kolsnaren-Virens FVOF

Kolsnaren och Viren

Kolsnaren and Viren are lakes in Sodermanland, Katrineholm and Vingåker municipalities included in Nyköping water. Kolsnaren is 12 km² and the deepest 12 m and drains through Viren to Nyköpingsån

The lakes contain perch, pike, perch, eel, burbot and stocked rainbow trout. Walleye and rainbow trout has been implanted running of the association in recent years.

Interest in sport fishing in the lakes has increased and we are selling more and more fishing licenses. It has enabled us dried with quite a few fish conservation measures. Stocking of pike has occurred almost every year, on some occasions, we have also sat in rainbow trout.

In the lakes is also a marina.

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Kolsnaren-Virens FVOF

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Kolsvaren-Viren FVOF include lakes Kolsnaren (area: 1,147 ha) and VIREN (1190 ha), which is located in Western Södermanland and included in Nyköpingsån water.

The association was formed in 1987 after several appeals and all sorts of legal assistance, was confirmed the formation of the Supreme Administrative Court in 1990.

Water-owners fishing with all kinds of gear remains unchanged, all fixed gears need to be monitored and marked with fishing and commercial numbers. This fishery is, however, very limited.

We have also acquired the chart where we entered the bottom depth, based on Performed depth soundings.

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