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Listersjön och Sännen

  Blekinge län / Ronneby and Karlskrona Municipality.

We offer sports fishing in the lister lake and Sännen .

The lakes are beautifully situated with exciting bird and plant life, among other things, osprey and large lakes can be seen in the area which is also adjacent to Blekingeleden. The lakes offer fishing for pike, perch and whitefish.

In the area there are also a number of prepared rest areas, some with barbecue facilities.

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Johannishus Godsförvaltning AB

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The foundation of Johannishus's estate was laid in 1684.

Today, the property is managed by Johannishus Godsförvaltning AB, which is responsible for the management and care of its properties, as well as developing and utilizing its resources, with activities in agriculture, forestry, property management, hunting, fishing and tourism.

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