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Mien is a large lake in southern Småland wooded landscape, just south of Tingsryd. The lake is almost circular with a small island - Ramsö - in the middle. Sea form because it is the rest of an impact crater formed by a meteorite of about 120 million years ago.

Mien offers good fishing for pike and perch, and has a natural population of both trout and whitefish. Salmon trout population in the lake is old and has over the years delivered fine trout of up to 7 kg.

The lake has an area of ​​19 square kilometers (about 1900 hectares) and has an average depth of 15.4 meters, with a maximum depth of 42 meters. Mien dewatered south of Mieån and runoff is 1.39 cubic meters per second. The entire water volume is changed to 6.7 years.


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Miens FVO

Miens Fisheries Area, Miens FVO, was formed on 27/4 1989. The fishery area is organized as an ideal association. The number of holders of fish dishes is about 100 persons. In addition, there is a small number of fish owners in accordance with the requirement. Mien's fishing area includes Lake Mien, Mieån in Kronoberg County and adjacent river basins: Dånån, Bastaremålaån, Lunkån, Lunksjön, Agnagölen and Gåragölen. Miens Fisheries Area Association has the task of promoting fish promotion and handling issues concerning the fishing in Mien and associated water.

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Sven-Olof Karlborg:


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