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Mjörn with its rich birdlife and its rich fish stocks is a gem. It's a varied fishing from meta, vertical fish to trolling, which allows you to customize your fishing for what you want to fish in a varied way, from fishing on shallow waters to pelagic fishing at 20-50m.

One has an intensive job of getting a good strain of trout in the system, which has proven to be not so easy. Therefore, it is encouraged to recycle caught trout with careful hand, as well as report the catchment area and size of the fish and if it was fat-cut.

The lake is a small inner sea, and blows up easily to the rough lake on the surface of the mountain, which means that the sea is to be respected. It should also be mentioned that there is a stream of lake. With many islands in the lake, it gives an impression of being an archipelago. One of the islands, Risön, is a nature reserve. Your usual steam boat Herbert will have their tours during the summer from Alingsås. Mörn with its varied landscape provides a nice natural experience and enjoyment for both body and soul.

Welcome to visit this "inner sea"!

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Mjörns FVOF manages the fish in Mjörn , located in Alingsås and Lerum municipality about 35 km NO on Gothenburg. The area is approximately 57 sqm and has a largest depth of about 52 m. There are many different large islands in the lake and some are inhabited all year round. The lake has a so-called inner sea where the depth is between 20-40 m. Here there are cyclops and nors as food for the pelagic living fish such as gazing and lionessing that is classified as nationally interested. Close to Gothenburg with Germany Terminal and Landvetter Airport.

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