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Fishing and fish

Within the conservation area occurs following fish:

Pike (n), bass (s), gers (r), whitefish (n), tender (n), Rudd (s), bream (n), the smelt (n) and Tench (n).

r = abundance
n = normal occurrence
s = sparse presence

At the exploratory fishery in 2005 was caught 9 fish species and it was found that the reproduction was relatively good.
Every year the exploratory crab and shows a stable population of crayfish.

Astacus Astacus

Öresjö is unique with respect to a large lake and as far south, home to a good stock of crayfish and that the lake is not affected by crayfish plague. River Cancer is since 2010 classified as Critically Endangered in the national Red List of threatened species. On the initiative of fishery conservation area association has a management plan for crayfish developed and a robust management area formed. It is important that everyone living or staying at the lake are knowledgeable about the issue and that everyone helps to prevent the spread of crayfish plague to the lake. Any sightings should be reported to the association force officer.

2015-06-11 The County Board has decided to Öresjö should provide sanctuary for crayfish.
Within Öresjö sanctuary is forbidden:

1. Sale hold, sell, purchase or transport the uncooked crabs that do not originate from the area

2. use fish as bait fish in the water more than the caught

3. without disinfecting the fishing gear, boats, equipment, or other items used in the water outside the area

4. utplantera signal crayfish

Fishing license

Öresjö Fiskevårdsområdesförening leases lure fishing to Anglers in Trollhättan / Vänersborg http://www.sportfiskarna.net/

Only Fishery Conservation Association members are entitled to phishing or to fish crayfish and then only within its own waters and according to rules agreed at Fish Meeting.

Fishing rules

Members of the conservation area

May fish in its own waters with the tools he / she deems appropriate. The law also includes fishing for crayfish in its own area. All gear shall be clearly marked with property designation. Additionally own members the right to fish with hand tools over the lake. Member shall comply with any restrictions imposed on fish meeting such rules for crayfish fishing. Any member who violates any of the rules of the association obliges to pay an inspection fee of SEK 1000

So-called fishing evidence (for some properties in addition guest card) that follows the property has been issued by the association. In addition to the legally qualified owner also resident family the right to fish. Fishing Evidence alternatively guest card must be carried and be presented to the officers.


With fishing license from Anglers Trollhattan Vanersborg is right to fish lure, trolling exercise and to use the 10 angeldon. Children under 10 fish free.

Crayfish are thus not included but is reserved fishing rights owners.


Special for Öresjö appointed fishing supervisors are appointed to ensure that the current fishing rules are followed, both by the owners of fishing and the other. Supervision also includes crayfish fishing

Boats and boat rentals

Given the risk of the spread of crayfish plague, use extreme caution before the boats are launched. Boats, canoes, etc. used in other water should be cleaned and leachate from the other lakes are not allowed to the lake. Since the lake is also included in a water protection applies to ban two-stroke engines that do not meet new emission requirements.

The ramp for boat launching are available in Monk Boviken at the lake's eastern branch.

Boat rentals are available at Öresjö Fiber Association at the lake's northwestern bay

Seafood Service

Depth Map

Depth Map of the lake are at Anglers Trollhattan Vanersborg website http://www.sportfiskarna.net/


Welcome to contact us for more information about Öresjö fiskevårdsområde.

Margaret Hernvall
Tel: 0522-66 22:12, 070-49 36 680
Email: margaretahernvall@hotmail.se

His Elmvik
Tel: 0520-47 91 47, 070-53 88 153
Email: hans.elmvik@gmail.com

Crayfish Responsible
Björn Lindqvist
Tel: 0520-960 23, 070-33 00 989
Email: http: //bjornsfiskevard@telia.com


At the annual meeting decided that this year's crayfish starts Wednesday, August 12 at 17 and may last a month ahead. Minimum size 10cm.


Org ID: 664, Area 624

Öresjö FVOF

Öresjö Fiskevårdsområdesförening manages fisheries in Öresjö and the two smaller lakes Stuvvikesjön and Pit Lake at Öresjös southwestern tip. The association has about 105 members.

Öresjö, located in the municipalities of Trollhättan and Lilla Edet Vanersborg, is a 1093 ha (about 11km²) large oligotrophic lake with a maximum depth of 33 meters. Although the lake is located in an acidification affected area is the water quality good, with a pH around 7.0. The lake is controlled by a difference of 1m between the dam and the reduction limit. Öresjö included in Bäveåns basin, which is a sanctuary for the water supply of Uddevalla (Köperödssjöarnas water protection).

Öresjö has a stable population of mainly perch and pike. The association has previously made several stocking of trout, but no reproduction has been observed. Recently, before operation of the association focused mainly on protecting and developing the lake's populations of crayfish. A management area for crayfish was formed in 2012 and 2015, the county administrative board decided to Öresjö will provide sanctuary for crayfish.


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