Orsasjön mfl

  Dalarnas län / Orsa Municipality.

In the northern parts of the fishing area, a near-northern fishery is offered, with trout and harry, which in addition consists of natural resources. Further south of the area there are elements in the fish fauna such as brax and sutters.

In the lakes Orsasjön and Skattungen , which are very species rich, both nors and cyclists are found in large quantities. These form births for species such as pike, trout and perch. The area also has valuable stocks of hiking pipes, which have growth in Orsasjön and Skattungen.


Org ID: 425, Area 386


Traditional Fisheries Area Association.

Contact persons

Anders Hansson, ordförande:
073 - 027 03 63


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Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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