Ronnebyåns FVOF


Ronnebyån, Vikholmen, Bastsjön, Sandsjön övre, Sandsjön nedre, Kroksfjorden, Tattamålasjön, Ryadammen

A rushing to go fishing from beach and boat, there is plenty of big pike, nice perch and a lot of whitefish. In parts of the river there are gusts and trout.

The following water is included in the area:
Ronnebyån Korro-Bro and Fagerfors-Strömmarna, Vikholmen, Bastsjön, Elften, Lower and Upper Sandsjön, Kroksfjorden, Tattamålasjön and Ryadammen.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please contact Ronnebyåns FVOF.

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Org ID: 496, Area 456

Ronnebyåns FVOF

We are a fish care area association consisting of about 150 fish owners and divided into 5 care areas. Fishing licenses apply throughout the area. The Board consists of a representative from each management area, excluding a representative of a forestry company that has large fishing rights.

Contact persons

Anders Lennartsson:
070 - 280 54 02


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