Sidlångens FVOF

  Kalmar län / Emmaboda Municipality.

Fishing and fish

Within the conservation area occurs following fish:

Pike (n), Zander (s), Perch (n), bream (n) Tench (n), Roach (r), Rudd (s)

r = abundance
n = normal occurrence
s = sparse presence

Fishing season and fishing methods

Spinning and trolling: Spring and autumn are the best times for fishing for pike, while walleye and perch fished best

Fishing from a boat is a condition when the lake is surrounded by trees and shrubs

record Fish

Pike: 10 kg
Zander: 3.6 kg
Perch: 1.3kg
Tench: 2,5 kg

Fishing license

Sidlångens fiskevårdsområde offer the following varieties of fishing licenses:

Day: SEK 60
Weekly license 200 SEK
Annual pass: 300 SEK
Family Short week: 300 SEK
Ice fishing: $ 100 / day (10 angeldon or rods)

The fishing license entitles only to artisanal fishing. It also includes the right to fish with trolling and trolling. Day card is valid for one day and the annual pass is valid for the calendar year. The fishing license must be presented on fishing.

Fishing permits

Tonny Andersson
Hökamåla 205
360 60 Vissefjarda
Tel: 0471-23053

Adrian Neukum / Birgitta Hirschi-Rundquist
Hökamåla 106
360 60 Vissefjarda
Tel: 0046 (0) 73 9994073

Bo Gunnarsson
Hökamåla 201
360 60 Vissefjarda
Tel: 0471-23088

Johan Gunhamn
Hökamåla 102
360 60 Vissefjarda
Phone: 070-7200980

Fishing rules

To promote the sustainable use of fisheries, facilitate fishing supervision and increase job satisfaction when you visit our waters have fishing area decided on certain rules to be followed in fisheries.

The following rules apply when fishing in the fishery conservation Sidlångens

  • Only pike in the length range 40-90 cm may be taken up and retained. Other pikes should gently be put back in the lake.
  • Only walleye over 50 cm must be addressed. Zander caught during the spawning period April 15 to May 31 will gently be put back in the lake.
  • When trolling, a maximum of two rods per license used.

Boats and boat rentals

Small plastic boats are available for rental: Contact fishing license vendors.

Someone made ready isättningsramp but are not able to put in less trailerboat available in Hökamåla

Seafood Service

Easy depth map available when purchasing a fishing license.

Other services and activities in the area

cabin Rental Agency

Two houses can be rented in Hökamåla. Visit the following websites for more
Information or (house No. 174 and 481)

Villa Björkdungen
See website

Rod Painting
Fishing Rod Paint & Recreation
Peter Hartman
Rod 111 Paint
360 60 Vissefjarda
Phone: 070-5263592
Visit the website for more information


Tonny Andersson
Hökamåla 205
360 60 Vissefjarda
Tel: 0471-23053


None currently.


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Sidlångens FVOF

Welcome to Sidlångens Fishery Conservation and lake Sidlången. The lake is 95 ha, has a maximum depth of 18 meters and an average depth of 5 meters. Some small islands in the lake. The lake is on the border between Blekinge and Småland. The lake has clear water and is a source lakes to Nättrabyån. The lake is surrounded by unspoilt nature with mixed forests and shrubs. Settlement occurs at the northern end of the lake. We offer sport fishing mainly pike, walleye and perch, but also angling for bream, tench, roach and rudd.

Association for the fishing community was founded in 1936 and reorganized in 1964 to Sidlångens fishery conservation association. The association works actively with fisheries and to improve
service and availability for you that visit our waters.


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Fishing areas in Kalmar län
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