Nedre Gärdsjö Samfällighetsförening



  Dalarnas län / Rättvik Municipality.

The lakes of Gärdsjöområdet are located approximately 8 km north of Rättvik near Nedre Gärdsjö after road 301.

The uniqueness of Skäftringen and Great Ax is that they are the source lakes with crystal clear water in beautiful woodland setting. In the Skäftringen there are implanted salmon trout and rainbow, only beach fishing and ice fishing allowed.

In Gärdsjöns water, the village of Nedre Gärdsjö reflects along the eastern shore or the forest along the western shore. Gärdsjön is about 80 hectares with several nice coves o some islands and peninsulas. Rösstjärn is connected to Gärdsjön via an outlet from the southern end of Gärdsjön.
In Gärdsjön, Storaxen and Rösstjärn there are pike, perch and roach.

The lakes, which are easily accessible via forest roads, are open for summer and winter fishing.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Nedre Gärdsjö Samfällighetsförening

In Gärdsjöbygden, in the heart of Dalarna, you will find many interesting environments from the age-old agrara era of Sweden's history.

You can hike or cycle along cultural walks in Gärdsjö in the vast Ladriket on the ancient roads lined with a rich, lime-green flora. Perhaps you stay at Blånnesladu from the 13th century or participate in the haystack at Snis Hannas hut.

You can also visit Ollas Olles farm with Lekgården or our Dalskåpsmuseum in Gärdsjö Dairy.

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Siljans Södra FVO
Oreälven, Oresjön
Gimmen, Lissjön samt småtjärnar

Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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