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Fishing and fish species

Fish stocks consist mostly of pike and perch. In Greater Lake and Lövsjön there are also some specimens of previously implanted gös, harr and trout, but the recommended fishing is for perch and pike.

Fishing license

Fishing license prices

50 kr for day card / person,

200 SEK annual card / family

Fishing license costs 25 SEK (Fisheries Owners)

Free if you are under 16 years of age and in the goalkeeper's presence and goalkeeper has a valid fishing license.

Fishing licenses entitle only to fishing with hand tools. In addition, the right to fish with dragrodd and trolling is included. The daily card is valid for one day and the annual card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The fishing license must always be taken when fishing.

Fishing licenses

Storsjö garden camp
Tel: 0613-32088,

Patrik Bergström
Tel: 076-7803306,

Lennart Sjölander
Tel: 070-6532146 and

Mats Björklund
Tel: 070-6672020.

You can also buy a fishing license via the Swedish Fisheries Area Association's bank account Swedbank 84202-9949017868.

Send an email to with details of where the card is to be sent ie sender and address.


You can fish with sports fishing gear brought by hand. Fishing can be done by land, boat and ice in wintertime. When catching pike, catch and release applies. All pike should be released.

- Net fishing is not included in the offer!
- Crab and eel fishing is not included in the offer!

Fishing license must be taken when fishing.

Supervision and control are carried out by fishermen and fish owners.

Note: In violation of the rules of the Norwegian Fisheries Conservation Association, a control fee may be required under the Act (1981: 533) on fisheries conservation.

Boats and boat rentals

In the setting of a boat, the most suitable way to go to the old forests in Fantskog.

Other services and activities in the immediate area

Storsjö Camping & Garden
Tel: 0613 - 320 88


FVOF has no temporary board








Boat racing with two trolls is held 2nd weekend in July.

Saturday the ?? July-2017 16:00 Start: Storsjöbadet

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species











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Storsjöns FVOF

Fish conservation area's lakes are located around the community Mr Forest at the old E4. Storsjöns FVOF an association of fishing owners in Great Lake, Lövsjön, Bölestjärn, Mälandstjärn, Kläpp Tarn, RE Lake and the lake. Fishery Conservation Association was established in 1991 in the same band with the remodeling of the E4. The association promotes an active lifestyle with an emphasis on fishing and nature of the conservation area. It will also promote and monitor the natural fish stocks are maintained. The association has constructed a number of shelters and highlighted a number of basic in the area.

Fish stocks are mostly pike and perch. In the Great Lake and Lövsjön are in addition single copies of previously implanted pike, grayling and trout, but the fishing is recommended for perch and pike. Great Lake is known for both good asset for the big fish, and this is the cesium content low. Artisanal fishing can be done from shore and boat. Bridges for caste is at Årstaviken, Lillholmen, Kläpp Tarn and the lake. On Orrhällan at Bock peninsula, about 600 m west of the Great Lake Bridge, erected a shelter with barbecue. It requires, however, a boat to get there in the summertime. Windbreaks are on Lillholmen in Gallsäterviken and at Årsta Park east of the E4.

Fishery Conservation Association also organizes fishing competitions in the summer. The association sells fishing licenses and fishing evidence and leases lakes to associations wishing to organize fishing competitions. The association will also monitor fishing rights owners.


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Fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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