Uskens FVOF


Usken, Aspen och Södra Brunnsjön

Scenic altitude lakes in the Arbogaån (Järleån) upper waters. Usken surrounded by mainly farmland and recreational areas, while Aspen and south Brunnsjön forest lakes. Access to Visit address in Usken. Uskavigården offer camping and cabin rentals and boat rentals.


Org ID: 602, Area 562

Uskens FVOF

Association that manages the joint fisheries in the lakes Usken, Aspen and Södra Brunnsjön in Lindesberg Municipality, Örebro County.

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Thomas Eriksson
Garphytte Gård
713 94 Nora
Tel. 070-3040880

Contact persons

Thomas Eriksson, 0703 - 04 08 80,
Hans Erik Rundqvist, 0705482185,


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