Velens FVOF


Velens fiskevårdsområde

Welcome to Velens fiskevårdsområde very beautifully situated northwest of Torsby in Värmland County.

Many of our waters offer good fishing for pike, zander and perch. Trout and Arctic char are found in some of our lakes and rivers.

The water we manage are Velen, Grundsjön, Röjdåfors river / wedge, Kvarntjärn (P / T), Torsby lakes.

We also have P / T fishing for rainbow trout in Kvarntjärn and Skamnomtjärn (disabled), boat can be rented in Skamnomtjärn.

Good accommodation / camping possibilities in Torsby camping.


Org ID: 293, Area 252

Velens FVOF

Its purpose is to coordinate the operation of fishing and fish conservation, to promote fishing rights holders common interests with regard to the regulations for fishing and practicing to grant fishing rights to the public.

Contact persons

Lennart Olsson, 070-6841067,


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