Björkvattnets FVOF

  Jämtlands län / Strömsund Municipality.

Fishing and fish

Björkvattnet: Trout (r), Arctic char (r), brook trout (s) - summer and winter fishing

North Tarn: Trout (s) - summer fishing

Alfred Tjärn: Trout (r), char (n) - summer fishing

Holmtjärn: Trout (r) char (n) - summer fishing

Björkvattenån with flyar: Trout (r), trout (S) - summer fishing

Mittitjärn: Trout (r), trout (S) - summer and winter fishing

Fish Tarn: Trout (r), Arctic char (r) - summer and winter fishing

Fossdalstjärn: Trout (s) - summer and winter fishing

Storflyn: Trout (r), trout (S) - summer and winter fishing

r = abundance
n = normal occurrence
s = sparse presence

Fishing season and fishing methods:

Spinning and trolling: The trout and char: June-Sept
Angling: trout and char: June-Sept
Fly fishing: The trout and char: June-August
Ice fishing: The trout and char: December-May

Fishing license

The fishing area offers the following variants of the fishing license for all fishing waters in the area:

Day: SEK 60
3 days: 140 SEK
7 days: 250 SEK
Annual pass: 450 SEK. Additional season ticket: 150 SEK, which can be used by partner, husband / wife owners of season tickets.
Family Card: 3 days: 200 SEK
Family card 7 days: 400 SEK
Group license classes: 60 / class day
Fishing licenses are personal and dagkorten comes one day.

Fishing permits

STF Hostel, Björkvattnet
Tel: 0672-230 24, 070-329 7291

May Martinsson, Björkvattnet
Tel: 070-250 8231

Jarl Ingerhed, Björkvattnet / Nälden
Tel: 070-532 9666

Fishing rules

Fishing may only be practiced with sports gear and only one rod may be used at a time. Fishing with otter is not allowed. The fishing area has inviolability two streams for fishing because it is sensitive breeding areas. Fishing Holmtjärn, Alfred North Tarn and Tarn are allowed 20/6 to 1/11, but not by boat or float tube.

Boats and boat rentals

The following boatman is in conservation area:

STF Hostel, Björkvattnet
Tel: 0672-230 24, 070-329 72 91

Seafood Service

STF Hostel, Björkvattnet
Tel: 0672-230 24, 070-329 72 91

ICA Gränsbua, Gaddede
Norway Road 1,
Tel: 0672-100 28

Kveli-Bua, Norway
Tel: +47743395 30

Other services and activities in the area

Accommodation Facilities:

STF Hostel, Björkvattnet
Chalets and hostels
0672-230 & 24 070-329 72 91

Fjällgården Lindahl, Björkvattnet
010-442 9820


Jarl Ingerhed, Chairman

Sune Lindman, STF Hostel
0672-230 & 24 070-329 72 91

Fish conservation area site


None currently.


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Björkvattnets FVOF

Welcome to Björkvattnet - with some of the mountain world's most pristine waters. Björkvattnet located right next to the Norwegian border, and so secluded that the village has even had their own traffic rules. The fishing area offers superior scale fishing in the lake Björkvattnet and eight lakes. Lake Björkvattnet has a rich stock of trout and Arctic char of good size, and a summer and winter fishing of very high quality. The eight ponds are located in different environments, some of which are up on the mountain just below the tree line while others are surrounded by forest. Leads are available for all ponds, and some located 4-5 km from the nearest road, which in practice means a total privacy for those who want to fish in the pristine waters. Two ponds and lake Björkvattnet located near or directly adjacent to the road, which means that they are very suitable for children and people with disabilities. The fishing area offers several different types of fishing licenses. Björkvattnet and its waters is also in one of the absolutely most scenic and wildlife-rich areas in the mountains, which means fantastic nature experiences beyond the fishery. See more on


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