Flens FVO


Flen och Sällevadsån

  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda Municipality.
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The 746-acres Lake Flen has a maximum depth of 16 meters. The main reach of River Sällevadsån passes through the lake before it enters River Emån further downstream. Lake Flen has large populations of perch, pike and roach. In addition to that, the lake offers good fishing for pike-perch. The lake is easily accessible because of two boat ramps and boat-hiring possibilities.
Drags Udde nature reserve with its esker is located in the south-eastern part of the lake. Lake Flen is also a bird protection area. 

Fish species
Perchpikepike-perchbreamtenchcrucian carpruddwhitefishvendace and burbot.


Org ID: 263, Area 223

Flens FVO

There are two boat ramps in the lake, one located in the western part, and one in River Sällevadsån in the easter part.

Accommodation in the lake’s surroundings - contact: 
Ebel och Verena Armin, Karlstorp, 0046383-731014
Lars-Göran Frode, Påtarp 4, 570 30 Mariannelund, 0046496-51019, larsgoran.frode@telia.comlarsgoran.frode@telia.com
Ulla Blom, Lixerum 1, 570 30 Mariannelund, 0046383-733023, 0046501-275542,ulla.blom@metsatissue.comulla.blom@metsatissue.com  

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Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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