Flisbysjöns FVOF



  Jönköpings län / Nässjö municipality.
 We don't sell permits in this area!
iFiske does not yet sell fishing permit sfor this organisation. At this page, you'll only find information about the area. Of course, we hope to be able to sell the fishing permits for Flisbysjöns FVOF as well soon.

Flisbysjöns FVOF


Day Wassberg
Brånstorp 6
575 91 Eksjö
Tel. 070-511 65 20
Email. Dag.wassberg@netatonce.net

Customer number: 900, Area: 860.

Fishing areas nearby Flisbysjöns FVOF

Rosjön, Rogölen
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Södra Wixen

Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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