Härlunda FVOF


Härlunda Fiskevårdsområde

  Kronobergs län and Skåne län / Älmhult and Osby municipality.

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Here, FVO is located in the eastern part of Älmhult municipality. Here there are about 60 lakes in a sparsely populated forest landscape, often with a very wilderness feel. Good stocks of pike and perch are found in all the lakes, but there are also tench, bream, roach etc. In Norra Grytsjön there is a certain population of zander that the association has planted.

In most lakes there are waterfowl such as ducks, geese, cranes, herons etc. In Goatsjön there are regular birds of prey.

Fishing license and boat license can be purchased via smartphone at ' iFiske.se' .

The association has 7 boats for rent via iFiske, where advance bookings can be made. The code for the code lock is provided via SMS.

The fishing license is valid for fishing in:
Björksjön, Bockasjön, Brokagyl, Djupagyl, Dyagyl, Elllagyl, Goatsjön, Gäddegyl, Hagasjön, Husjön, Härlen, Hönesjön, Ilagyl, Karssjön, Klaragyl, Knoxsjön, Kroksjökalv, Kroksjön, Kvistagylet, Lilla Piggagylet, Lilla Trollegyl, Lillasjön, Lindögyl, Lussegyl, Långagyl, Långasjön, Nedre Krampen, Norra Grytsjön, Nyssgyl, Piggasjön, Sandören, Siggaboda dam, Skäragyl, Skaravatnet, Snokegyl, Sonagyl, Stensjön, Stora Piggagylet, Stora Trollegylet, Storagyl, Svartagyl, Sväckegyl, Sylegyl, Tregyl, Trädgyl, Västragyl, Vångagyl , Åagyl and Övre Krampen.

The boats are now ready and can be booked for the 2022 season. We now have a total of 7 boats. Norra Grytsjön and Nedre Krampen have been added. All the boats can now be booked in advance on iFiske. Manual sale of boat tickets is no longer available because we have switched to advance booking and this can only be done via iFiske.

Our dealers for manual fishing licenses are:

  • Handelsboden Häradsbäck. Phone: 0476-600 17
  • Älmhult Tourist Office. Phone: 0476-551 52
  • Ingo-Macken Lönsboda. Phone: 0479-203 00
  • Jan-Erik Petersson, Olofström. Phone: 070-674 65 10
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Härlunda FVOF

Organization number: 802600-1787

Härlunda FVOF is responsible for fisheries management and fishing license sales in a large number of large and small lakes, primarily in Älmhult municipality.

Härlunda FVOF has been active fisheries management with extensive liming activities since the 1980s to counteract acidification as well as laying out vases and planting fish to maintain a good fish stock. Thanks to extensive stable contributions, most of the lakes are whitewashed regularly. In addition to this, the association regularly invests its own money to be able to whitewash even certain smaller lakes and gullies that are not covered by the state subsidy. The association's goal is that as many lakes as possible in the area should be limed to maintain a good fish stock. Examples of this are Sväckegyl, Klaragyl, Stora Piggagyl, Ilagyl and Dyagyl.

Customer number: 75, Area: 43.

Contact persons

Olle Andersson
0709-98 87 90

Bengt Bengtsson
070-394 88 70

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Strönasjön, Ubbasjön, Smedsjöarna m fl vatten
Hönshyltefjorden m fl vatten
Mörrumsåns FVO Ebbemåla-Åmma

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