Klarälven inom Munkfors kommun


Klarälven inom Munkfors kommun, västra Sundtjärn

  Värmlands län / Munkfors, Forshaga and Hagfors municipality.

Fishing and fish species
Within the fisheries management area there are salmon (very sparingly) trout, grayling, perch, pike, eel, tench and whitefish in the Klarälven.

Record fishing r
Trout over 3 kg, perch over 1 kg, pike over 5 kg and whitefish over 2 kg are caught every year.

Fishing methods
Trout, grayling and brook trout are best caught on fly, spinner or worm.

Fishing season
The fishing is best between May 15 - September 15 for all fish species present, with the exception of lake which is caught during the spawning season in December.

Fishing license
The Fisheries Management Association offers fishing licenses as below:

Day pass: SEK 50
Weekly pass: SEK 100
Annual pass: SEK 200

Children up to 15 years old fish for free.

Boats and boat rental
Canoes are available for rent at Storängens Camping, Ransäter.
Natural launching ramps for trailer boats can be found partly north of the large fall in Klarälven by the tennis court and partly south of the Old Mill, Martinverket.

Fishing service
A map of the Munkfors fisheries management area is obtained when purchasing a fishing license. The map can also be obtained via the internet at http://www.visitmunkfors.se and at http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/varmland .

Other services and activities in the immediate area

Munkfors is very scenic in the middle of Värmland and there is therefore the opportunity for many nature experiences. There are, among other things:

  • many different hiking trails
  • mushroom and berry picking
  • many cultural experiences such as Det gamla Bruket, the Fridolf Rhudin museum and Ransäters
    Hembyggdgården and Erlandergården.

Information can be obtained via Munkfors-Ransäter Turistbyrå Tel: 0563-54 10 81 or http://www.visitmunkfors.se

In the center of Munkfors there are well-stocked grocery stores and several restaurants. Accommodation is offered by Munkfors Association and Conference Center. In Munkfors there is also a health center and Public Dental Care.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

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Klarälven inom Munkfors kommun

Welcome to Munkfors Fisheries Management Area!

We offer interesting and varied sport fishing, especially in the Klarälven around the Old Mill and the power station. Here is Klarälven's largest waterfall with many exciting fishing spots. North of the big fall is Hästskoholmen, which can be reached via a pontoon bridge and there is a windbreak and barbecue area. Hästskoholmen is a nature reserve with interesting fishing for whitefish, also perch and pike. The fisheries conservation area also includes fishing in certain lakes around Munkfors, i.a. Västra Sundtjärn where Klarälvsöring will be planted in 2022. Many small streams and rivers with brook trout can be found, for example, in the lower part of Ranån downstream of national road 62. A number of wind shelters, which will be adapted for the disabled in 2022, are available around the fishing grounds in Munkfors.

Organization number: 874001-3001

Customer number: 727, Area: 687.

Contact persons

Lennart Kejler
070-242 49 41

Hans Hermansson
070-158 68 08

Lars Olsson
0563-521 32, 072-088 56 76



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