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  Dalarnas län / Smedjebacken Municipality.

NOTE! NOTE! Attention!
Due to the high water temperature and low water, we close Lumsån for all trout fishing. We close the trout fishing in the river for the season. Welcome back in 2020. However, pike fly fishing is allowed in the quieter seals of the river. See marking on the map.

The Lumsån River is located in Bergslagen, between Lake Lumsen and Malingsbosjön in the municipality of Smedjebacken in Dalarna. The lower part of the river offers nice and peaceful scenery and a very nice fishing for small wild trout. Since the trout must be released, only fly fishing with bareless hook is allowed. (alt. pressed down).

The fishing in Lumsån is especially aimed at those who do not count fishing happiness in the number of kilos of fish or food fish, but to you who want to enjoy a whole nature experience. If you are skilled and lucky you can get a kilo, but usually you get trout on 2 to 4 hectares.

In addition to iFiske which sells 2 fishing licenses, you can also buy fishing licenses near Lumsån, at Malingsbo-camping which says 3 cards. Fishing in the Lumsån River is limited to a maximum of five people per day.
Trout fishing season extends from 1/4 to 30/7.
Fishing takes place between 05.00 and 23.00. Fishing is prohibited at other times.

Fly fishing pike in Lumsån
Most of all fly fishing in Lumsån is after trout,
but today we can also offer fly fishing for pike in the quieter seals of the river. Especially in mid-May, the time after the pike, the crocodiles usually hunt shallow
water. When the trout fishing ban enters into force (1/8), it is still allowed to fly fishing for pike on the harness, however until 30/11. The pike are in large numbers and can be fished for much of the year. Fly fishing for pike can offer decent fights and the average weight of the pike is generally relatively high. This means that as a fly fisherman you need a coarser rod, both for teasing fish but also because you often want to use large flies. See selection on the map!
Combi fishing: Your "regular" fishing license too
Trout in the restored stretch of Lumsån also gives you the right to pike fly fishing
Lumsåns seal.

Welcome to a whole nature experience.

Sport fishing for tomorrow.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Lumsåns Flugfiske

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I Lumsån har ett omfattande restaureringsarbete pågått med start från 2001. Det är ett pågående projekt som drivs av den idella föreningen Sportfiske För Morgondagen.
För Lumsån säljs totalt 5 fiskekort/dag varav 2 st via iFiske och 3 st via Malingsbo Camping.

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