Älvkarleby SFK


Medlemskap Älvkarleby SFK

  Uppsala län / Älvkarleby municipality.
ÄLVKARLEBY Sportfiskeklubb

The club set up on 20 March 1976.


Älvkarleby SFK

Organization number: 817300-3958

Logo Älvkarleby SFK

The club is a completely independent non-profit organization with the aim of primarily constituting a resource for angling in the Nedre Dalälven's Fishery Conservation Area (NDF) also called the A, B and C section, which NDF and also the fish farming can use if needed.

Customer number: 64, Area: 31.

Fishing areas nearby Älvkarleby SFK

Djupsjö i Älvkarleby
Dalälven (Untra kraftverk till Älvkarleby)
Dalälven (Söderfors-Hedesunda), Hjällsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Uppsala län
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