Karlshamns kommun


Mieån Södra

  Blekinge län / Karlshamn municipality.

From the south the fishing license applies from the Bron at Stadsportsgatan to the Old Country Bridge at Janneberg. In this area, sea trout, rainbow, pike and perch can be landed.

Good fishing!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Karlshamns kommun

Organization number: 212000-0845

The municipality of Karlshamn is a place for life and pleasure. The range of different nature experiences is large and varied. The possibilities for exciting recreational fishing are good both in the sea and in Mörrumsån, Mieån and in lakes.

Customer number: 1005, Area: 960.

Contact persons

Karlshamns kommun:

0454 - 810 00


Fishing areas nearby Karlshamns kommun

Kroksjöarna och Lindenborgssjön
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Affiliated fishing areas in Blekinge län
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