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  • Trout caught in Ormsjön 2021
  • Pike caught in Ormsjön
  • Trout caught in Ormsjön in May 2022
  • Trout from the upper part of Långseleån June 2022
  • Trout caught in Ormsjön
  • Fine chars from Långtjärn

Ormsjöortens fiskevårdsområde

  Västerbottens län / Dorotea municipality.

Ormsjöorten's fisheries conservation area is located in southern Lapland in Dorotea municipality. The area is about 30 km from the town of Dorotea, from where it is about 50 km to Vilhelmina, about 170 km to Östersund and about 220 km to Umeå.

The area offers several different types of fishing. Fishing from a boat can be done in Ormsjön where there is both coarse trout, whitefish, perch and pike. Långselån, the area's largest flowing water, offers very good grayling and trout fishing. Here, fly or spin fishing is recommended, which pays off almost every time.

There are several ponds in the area where fish of different sizes are regularly planted. The ponds are very suitable for both summer and winter fishing. For those who like brook trout, there are also a couple of nice streams in the area with plenty of brook trout.

Summer fishing in the area offers great variations with everything from the big trout lake Ormsjö to small trout and char lakes such as Skarpabborrtjärn, Långtjärn and Laxtjärn. If you prefer flowing water, there is a high-class river in the form of Långseleån where both large grayling and trout are common. Finally, there are several streams with plenty of brook trout. In the winter, it is excellent to pike char in one of the many ponds or grayling in Långseleån.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Valid only in certain waters or in certain places, see fishing rules / comment
 Only in Ormsjön.

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Ormsjö FVOF

Organization number: 802469-6794

Fishing within Ormsjöorten's fisheries conservation area [OOFVO] is managed by Ormsjöorten's fisheries conservation area association [OOFVOF]. Within the area, there are a number of fisheries inspectors who, among other things, act as fishing license inspectors. All fisheries inspectors have an appointment from the County Administrative Board.

Ormsjöorten's fisheries conservation area [OOFVO] is located in Dorotea municipality in southern Lapland within the catchment area of the Långseleån and Rörströmsälven rivers. The area starts about 24 km northwest of the town Dorotea and continues two to thirty miles northwest along Vägen Sju Älvar towards Borgafjäll. Within the area are the villages Västra Ormsjö, Östra Ormsjö, Barnäs and Lövstrand.

Customer number: 1065, Area: 1030.

Contact persons

Reinhold Henriksson
073 - 045 58 40

Nicklas Karlsson
070 - 344 05 45

My Henriksson
070 - 508 28 88


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