Bäckabyortens FVO

Fishing permits for Bäckabyortens FVO 

 Unfortunately, iFiske does not sell the fishing permits for this fishing area yet and we need to refer you to the local providers of the fishing licenses, as listed below. Would you like to help us? Please contact Bäckabyortens FVO and tell them it would be a great idea if they also offered their products through iFiske.

Bäckabyortens FVO

Ing-Marie Berg, Fröderyds-Röshult 1, 570 12 Landsbro, 0383-772062, 0703-605772, ing_marie_berg@hotmail.com
Patrik Frisk, Doestorp 1, 570 10 Korsberga, 0383-771154
Jörgen Svensson, Hökhult, 0383-770109, 073-5236958
Lisbeth Holmberg, Huluboda, 570 12 Landsbro, 0383-772011, 0738-494161

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