Sävsjöns-, Storasjöns FVO

Fishing permits for Sävsjöns-, Storasjöns FVO 

 Unfortunately, iFiske does not sell the fishing permits for this fishing area yet and we need to refer you to the local providers of the fishing licenses, as listed below. Would you like to help us? Please contact Sävsjöns-, Storasjöns FVO and tell them it would be a great idea if they also offered their products through iFiske.

Sävsjön-, Storasjöns FVO

O. Bengtsson Kruvebo 33026 Burseryd 0371-52120 Stefan Hansen Yxebo 33026 Burseryd 0371-37051 Tony Holm Långhult 33026 Burseryd 0371-52166 Tore Haldesjö Lassa Construction 33026 Burseryd 0371-52032 Leif Eriksson Pouring Brook 33026 Burseryd
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