Ryssbysjöns FVO


Ryssbysjön (Nässjö)

  Jönköpings län / Nässjö municipality.
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Kristian Carlsson, Ryssby, 571 94 Nässjö, 0046733604471.
Anica Dahlander,Stensholm, 571 94 Nässjö, 0046739947235, 0046700460380.

You can trail your boat at Kristian Carlsson(see above) place (however, not on an asphalted ramp, but on a beach with firm sand. Erik Råbe has got 7 boats for hire at a cost of 50 SEK/day. 


Ryssbysjöns FVO

Lake Ryssbysjön is located just northwest from Nässjö city. The lake has flat bottoms and is very shallow, with a maximum depth of only 3 meters. There are plenty of Pike-perch in the lake, which are easiest to catch with baitfish or trolling.

Lake Ryssbysjön has earlier been suffering from heavy eutrophication, but due to heavy fishing for bream and roach, the situation is now improving and the perch population is growing. Despite the fact that big perch occur more and more often in the catches, fishing for pike-perch is still the reason why so many sport fishermen choose to fish in Lake Ryssbysjön. 

Customer number: 253, Area: 271.

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