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  Kalmar län / Nybro municipality.
 We don't sell permits in this area!
iFiske does not yet sell fishing permit sfor this organisation. At this page, you'll only find information about the area. Of course, we hope to be able to sell the fishing permits for St Hindsjöns FVOF as well soon.

Fishing license

The association offers the following variants of fishing licenses that are valid in the fisheries conservation area:

Day pass: SEK 100

Weekly card: SEK 200

Annual card, personal: SEK 350

Annual card, family: SEK 400

Fishing licenses only entitle to fishing with hand gear. In addition, the right to fish with a tow rod and trolling with two rods is included. The day pass is valid for 24 hours and the annual pass is valid for one calendar year. The fishing license must always be carried when fishing.

Fishing license sales

Alstervägen 33
382 73 Alsterbro
Tel: 010-747 33 20

Fishing rules

Minimum size / maximum size of pike is 50/80 cm (fish below and above the dimensions must be reinserted). The maximum number of fish that can be caught is one pike per day.

Minimum size / maximum size for pikeperch is 50/70 cm (fish below and above the dimensions must be reinserted). The maximum number of fish that can be caught is one pikeperch per day.

Crayfishing 2021

If you have an annual or family card, you are offered to fish crayfish. The fishing event 2021 is Saturday 14 August to Sunday 15 August at 10.

The crayfish fishing costs SEK 200 and then you get to fish with 5 baits (one share). You may purchase a maximum of 3 shares (15 yards) per annual or family card. You arrange marked gear, baits and boats yourself. FVO has two boats for rent (see below).

The fee is paid in cash. A valid fishing license is presented. Collection at Hindsjön's bathing place. We are there from kl. 16 to kl. 17.

Questions call: Jörgen Antonsson 070-6379805 or Göran Fransson 070-3130755.

Boats and boat rentals

The fisheries conservation area association has two rowing boats for rent and a ramp for loading their own boats at the association's facility at Ögårdsvägen.

Rental of the association's boats is administered by:

Alstervägen 33
Tel: 010-747 33 20

The boat rent is SEK 100 per day.

It is also possible, if space allows, to rent a berth at the pier at a cost of SEK 400 per year.

Depth map

Deep map of the lake is for sale at Coop. The map is in color and laminated in A3 format.

Price: 150 kr

Record fish


Pike: 14.3 kg, Ronny Göransson


All time high

Pike: 16.2 kg, Ronny Göransson

Pikeperch: 6.8 kg, Alexander R

Contact person for reporting record fish: Jörgen Antonsson, tel 070-6379805


An introduction of solitary pikeperch fry was carried out in September 2017. A total of approximately 4,500 pikeperch fry were released at this time.

Accommodation options

Alsterbro Mini Hotel
Hindsjövägen 2
382 73 Alsterbro
Tel: 0481 - 533 02

Villa Fröjdekulla
Oxhagsvägen 2
382 73 Alsterbro
Tel: 0481-505 58

Contact person

Jörgen Antonsson

Kadettvägen 3

382 73 Alsterbro

Tel: 070-637 98 05


Louise Hinsegård

Hinshultsvägen 1

382 73 Alsterbro

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St Hindsjöns FVOF

Welcome to Store Hindsjön's fishing area, which offers fishing in the 311 ha large Store Hindsjön, located in Kråksmåla and Bäckebo parishes in northwestern Nybro municipality, Kalmar county. Store Hindsjön is the second largest lake in the Alsterån water system and is located in beautiful mixed forest areas next to the old glassworks society Alsterbro and in the middle of the Glass Kingdom.

The lake is flown by the Alsterån. Throughout the twentieth century, fresh water has brought about good pike, perch and whip. Gös has been established for some years since implantation has taken place since the late 1990s. The fishery conservation association's work has also resulted in a stable stock of signal crayfish. The fishery has been managed since 1995 by Store Hindsjön's fishery conservation area association. Our association works actively with both local fishing and improving service and accessibility for those who visit our fishing waters. We offer different varieties of fishing licenses for sport fishing all year round and the opportunity to rent a boat.

Especially appreciated is the crayfish fishing for the public in mid-August when the lake is filled with enthusiastic fishermen of all ages, from families with children to pensioners who want to experience a summer night with crayfish fishing and barbecuing at Hindsjön.

Customer number: 583, Area: 543.

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