Storsjöns FVOF (Kramfors)


Storsjöns FVOF

  Västernorrlands län / Kramfors municipality.
 We don't sell permits in this area!
iFiske does not yet sell fishing permit sfor this organisation. At this page, you'll only find information about the area. Of course, we hope to be able to sell the fishing permits for Storsjöns FVOF (Kramfors) as well soon.

Fishing and fish species

The fish stock consists mainly of pike and perch. In Storsjön and Lövsjön, there are also a few specimens of previously planted pikeperch, grayling and trout, but the recommended fishing is for perch and pike.

Fishing license

Fishing license prices

SEK 50 for day pass / person,

SEK 200 annual card / family

Fishing license costs SEK 25 (Fishing right holder)

Free if YOU are under 16 years of age and in the presence of a guardian and guardian has a valid fishing license.

Fishing licenses only entitle to fishing with a hand gear brought from land or boat. The day card is valid for 24 hours and the annual card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The fishing license must always be carried when fishing.

Fishing license sales

Mats Björklund
Tel: 070-6672020. (Swish)

You can also buy a fishing license via the Fisheries Conservation Area Association's bank account Swedbank 84202-9949017868.

or swisch to the cashier (Note send sms with name and address for which the fishing license refers)

Send an email to with information where the card should be sent, ie sender and address.

Fishing rules

You can fish with sport fishing gear from hand. Fishing may take place from land, boat and ice in winter. When catching pike, " catch and release " applies, ie. all pike must be released.

- Fishing prohibited !
- Crayfish and eel fishing prohibited!

The fishing license must be carried when fishing.

Supervision and control is carried out by fisheries supervisors and fishing right holders.

NOTE: In the event of a violation of the Fisheries Conservation Area Association's rules, a control fee may be charged in accordance with the Fisheries Conservation Area Act (1981: 533).

Boats and boat rentals

Movement of boats between the lakes is avoided as much as possible due to the spread of crayfish plague - respect !

Boating can in exceptional cases take place at the old trotting stables in Fantskog.

Other services and activities in the immediate area

Storsjö Camping & Garden
Tel: 0613 - 320 88 or 070-3060590

Contact person

FVOF lacks a temporary board

Vice Chairman

Patrik Bergström


Mats Björklund


Patrik Bergström


Bowling competition with two rods (trolling) is held the 2nd weekend in July. CANCELED

Saturday the ?? July-2022 16:00 Start: Storsjöbadet

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species











Storsjöns FVOF (Kramfors)

The fisheries conservation area's lakes are located around the community Herrskog by the old E4. Storsjöns FVOF is an association of fishing rights owners in Storsjön, Lövsjön, Bölestjärn, Mälandstjärn, Kläpptjärn, Återsjön and Översjön. The Fisheries Conservation Area Association was formed in 1991 in connection with the rebuilding of E4. The association works for an active outdoor life with the emphasis on fishing and nature in the fisheries conservation area. It shall also promote and monitor the maintenance of the natural fish stocks. The association has built a number of windbreaks and marked a number of grounds in the area.

The fish stock is mostly pike and perch. In Storsjön and Lövsjön there are also occasional specimens of previously planted pikeperch, grayling and trout, but the recommended fishing is for perch and pike. Storsjön is known for both good access and large fish, and here the cesium content is low. Fishing with hand gear can be done from land and boat. Bridges for throws are available at Ärstaviken, Lillholmen, Kläpptjärn and Översjön. At Orrhällan by Bocknäset, about 600 m west of Storsjöbron, a windbreak with a barbecue area has been built. However, a boat is required to get there in the summer. Windbreaks are available on Lillholmen in Gallsäterviken and on Ärstaholmen east of the E4.

The Fisheries Conservation Area Association also arranges fishing competitions during the summer. The association sells fishing licenses and fishing rights certificates and rents out lakes to associations that want to arrange fishing competitions. The association must also safeguard the interests of fishing right holders.

Customer number: 555, Area: 515.

Fishing areas nearby Storsjöns FVOF (Kramfors)

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Affiliated fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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