Flötestrolling Overview


A popular method for pike.

The Basics

Flötestrolling has sailed up as a real popular method for pike in recent years, and it has proven to be effective terrible.

What technology is based on is that with the help of a slowly drifting boat "angle" with bait fish, not unlike trolling and bait fishing, the difference is that you are fishing with a float on the water surface and moving. The most common and most effective is to use an electric motor for moving the boat forward, the sounds minimally and have a quiet and smooth running. However, it is also possible to row the boat. How deep you will fish at varying by external conditions, water depth and season. To lower the bait fish förtynger man with such lead pellets. Closest to the bait and hooks it is important to have a gäddtafs so that pike do not bite the rope with their sharp teeth. Bait fish, fished both living and dead, attention is usually with two trekrokar. What makes Flötestrolling so effective are that the use of natural baits, but also to give the bait a more natural gait because the front pasture in a slow motion.


To flötestrolla you can use a variety of products. A rod between 6-9 feet and a casting weight of 20-60 grams is perfectly acceptable.
As for the roll so you can use both reel and a multiplier reel.
Subject line so it is braided line or nylon applying, always be sure to have a diameter that can handle large pike. And as usual when it comes to pike fishing, it is important to have a gäddtafs closest to the hook.
There are floats that are specially designed for Flötestrolling, but the rule is that the float should preferably be elongated. One must adapt little by prospects how great the float should be.
Stain Fish can be anything from Roach, Perch, Herring Smelt etc.
Remember also to have a landing net, unhooking mat, seaweed, sinkers, hooks and extra paws.

Advanced tips

To find where the fish stands as a sonar invaluable.

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