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08‑09No fishRichard Nilsson Spinning
08‑09No fishRobin Ekwall Spinning
08‑08No fishPeter Aronsson Spinning
08‑08No fishAntonio Protuder Angling
08‑08No fishRebwar Ameen Spinning
08‑08No fishSanjin Ajanic Angling
08‑07No fishEndrit Rexhi Angling Shrimp
08‑06No fishIrfan Mesetovic Angling
08‑06No fishArne Karlsson Spinning
08‑06No fishRoger Dannebrant Spinning
08‑06No fishHampus Drake Spinning
300 grJimmie Aronsson Spinning
08‑05No fishNermin Gradisic Angling
200 grAlija Meric Angling
08‑02No fishJonas Bjurman Spinning
Jig / Soft Bait (fishy)
08‑02No fishAndreas Johansson jerkbait
08‑02No fishMalin Lingestig Spinning
Jig / Soft Bait (Tail / Grub)
08‑01No fishAhmed Waleed Spinning
08‑01No fishHajrudin Cuk Spinning
08‑01No fishJuha Patvikko Spinning
 Lillskiren K1&K2
07‑30No fishFrida A Spinning
Spinners between (6-12 grams)
07‑29No fishÅke Larsson jerkbait Jerkbait / Swimbait
07‑29No fishDaniel Blid Fly (Enhand)
Fly - Gold Head
07‑29No fishJohan Walfridsson Angling Mask
07‑29No fishPer Rosen Fly (Enhand)
07‑29No fishEva Andersson
Inte en krusning, dött som i Finspång
 Stora Skiren
07‑29No fishAntonio Protuder Angling
07‑28No fishFrida A Spinning
Spinners between (6-12 grams)
07‑27No fishSakib Masic Angling
07‑27No fishPer Jernberg Spinning
- No bait worked -
07‑26No fishKhalil Hazeemah Spinning Vassdrag
07‑26No fishJonathan Jernberg Spinning
07‑25No fishEldin Becic Angling
07‑25No fishStefan Werme Angling
Manmade / Powerbait / Gulp
07‑25No fishSanjin Ajanic Angling
07‑25No fishElvedin Grudic Spinning
07‑25No fishFrida A Spinning
Spinners between (6-12 grams)
07‑24No fishAleksandar Mircheski Spinning
07‑24No fishAlen Delic Spinning
07‑23No fishTuan Vu To Spinning
07‑23No fishGöran Larsson Spinning
07‑23No fishVu To Spinning
07‑23No fishTommy Klöfver Spinning Spinners between (6-12 grams)
07‑23No fishSusanne Nyberg Spinning
07‑23No fishErik Björling Spinning
 Ormlången, Lotorpsån
07‑23No fishPer Svedberg Angling
- No bait worked -
07‑23No fishAnel Nukic Angling
Brown Trout
1.50 kgNihad Filipovic Angling
Manmade / Powerbait / Gulp
300 grTomas Gunnarsson Spinning
07‑22No fishErik Enell Spinning
 Lillskiren K1 & K2

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