Angsåsortens FVO


Tyngeln, Lången, Värsjön, mfl.

  Jönköpings län / Gislaved Municipality.
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Angsåsorten's FCA
Tyngeln and Värsjön are known for their large populations of tench. The largest tench caught was 4 kg.
Lången is known for its good supply of pike, pike-perch and perch. 
Spin fishing, angling and jig fishing are very commonly used. But trolling, fly fishing, ice fishing and still fishing also occur.


Org ID: 236, Area 196

Angsåsortens FVO

Angsåsorten's FCA
The lakes included in Angsåsorten's FCA are Tyngeln, Lången, Värsjön, Furusjön, Angsåssjön, Soten and Handsheboböcken.  

Fishing areas nearby Angsåsortens FVO

Gräsken, Lillgräsken, Dalsjön och Rocksjön
Majsjön, Saxesjön och Assbrunnen

Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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