Askaremåla-Älmtasjöns FVOF

 Stuga/Karlshamn/Svängsta, Sweden

Cozy holiday home with a covered terrace and located on a screened-in property. 2 beds are in the partially insulated Annex.

Swimming and fishing in the nearby lake you can Grävlingagölen. Fishing on the waters Älmtasjön, Halasjön, Mieån, Mörrumsån, Mien and Galtsjön offer.
On Galtsjön there is also a sandy beach with a jetty and trampoline. Also in the archipelago of Blekinge you can swim. In the immediate vicinity you can walk well and ride a bike.

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 Stuga/Karlshamn, Sweden

This holiday home is situated on the outskirts of the forest. From here, you can go on a trip to Blekinge Archipelago or to Glasrigket (The Kingdom of Crystal).

If you like fishing, then you can choose between several lakes situated here. Even the river Mörrumsån is situated close by.
This property is adjacent to the creek Mie å. For shopping you can go to Karlshamn or Sölvesborg, where you can relish good coffee and visit restaurants.

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 Stuga/Svängsta, Sweden

Restored, spacious holiday home from the turn of a century, which is beautiful situated by Mörrumsåen (river). There is a large garden down towards the river.

The ground- and upperfloor have the same dimension regarding rooms and can be used seperately. There is kitchen, shower and toilet on both floors.
The house has keep the old style with old windows, doors and wood floors. The equipments in the house is of a high standard.

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 Stuga/Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden

This red picturesque holiday house is located 6 km to the north of Bräkne-Hoby. The sofa bed in the living room is suitable for 2 children.

A steep staircase leads to the sleeping loft with low ceiling. There are 4 beds here.
A table washing machine is available. A separate bathroom has a shower, toilet and washing machine. Enjoy playing in a beautiful garden with lawn. Bräkne-Hoby has everything that is required on a daily basis.
Wide range of options are available in Ronneby or Karlshamn.

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 Stuga/Ryd/Tingsryd, Sweden

Trevlig stuga i Kompersmåla med 3 km till den vackra sjön Mien där ni har två fina badplatser. Vill ni fiska lax är det inte långt till Mörrum och då kan ni även besöka vackra Karlshamn eller ta en Skärgårdstur med båt.

Trevlig rymlig stuga i Kompersmåla 10 km från Ryd i Småland. Ni har bara 3 km till den vackra kratersjön Mien som har en fin badplats vid Midingsbråte med bryggor och omklädningsrum samt en kiosk sommartid.

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 Stuga/Karlshamn/Guevik, Sweden

This pretty holiday home has a splendid relaxing area on the southern side of the house facing the forest. You can enjoy swimming and fishing in the lake-rich region and you can fish for salmon in River Mörrumsån.

This home is located near the sandy beaches and the Archipelago of Blekinge. A restaurant and cafe are located in the famous Tjarö Island.
Visit the Eriksberg Wildlife Park and Nature Reserve located near this holiday home.


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 Stuga/Asarum, Sweden

This beautiful holiday house on a beach property offers fantastic view of the lake Skörsjön. Row boat is inclusive.

Enjoy swimming from the jetty. The house is elevated and partially borders the land on the lake.
Enjoy barbeque by the lake. Canoe can be hired. It is around 10 km to Karlshamn, located by the sea. At the same distance, the golf course of Karlshamn is situated.
The river Mörrumsån has salmon fishes. The children must visit Kreativum to get a special and unique experience.


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 Stuga/Asarum, Sweden

This farm in Björkesjön is in an elevated location. This holiday accommodation is a huge house with bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

There is also a barn that has been converted into an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. There is a beautiful lawn in the garden, which is ideal for play.
The property is just 100 metres away from the lake, where you can find 2 rowing boats in 2 docks. You can also take a swim from the pier.


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 Stuga/Bräkne Hoby, Sweden

Cozy cottage on wooded lot, 300 from the lake Övre Nätsjön where there is a separate bridge for swimming and fishing. For fishing you can choose between several fishing lakes and salmon curse Mörrumsån.

In the whole archipelago of Blekinge you can fish in the sea, for. B.
Järnavik where there is also a good sandy beach for swimming. Of Bräkne-Hoby a train to Karlskrona and Copenhagen drives. The first food you can buy in Backaryd.

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 Stuga/Backaryd, Sweden

This holiday home has a magnificent terrace facing south. This home is in a beautiful countryside and in the centre of Blekinge.

The neighbourhood has many lakes with various options for swimming and fishing. This home is close to Utvandrarnas Väg, also known as the road of the emigrants.
You can also find beautiful hiking trails here. Swim in the sea in Järnavik or in the Archipelago of Blekinge.

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Fishing areas nearby Stuga/Backaryd, Sweden

Ronnebyån, Vikholmen, Bastsjön, Sandsjön övre, Sandsjön nedre, Kroksfjorden, Tattamålasjön, Ryadammen
Stora Hensjön
Listersjön och Sännen
Ljusterhövden, Blanken, mfl
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