Bräkentorpasjöns FVO

 Stuga/Bräkentorp/Ljungby, Sweden

This beautiful and modern holiday home offers panoramic view of the Bräkentorpasjön, where the boat is at the pier. A canoe, kayak and 2 bicycles are available for rent.

Bräkentorp offers beautiful hiking trails and good angling facilities and you can even enjoy swimming here. During winter, illuminated trails are offered around the lake.
Ljungby is just 6 km away. Enjoy shopping and visiting restaurants, as well as the Sago Museum and Sven Ljungberg Museum in Ljungby.


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 Stuga/Ljungby, Sweden

Nice, well maintained cottage on the lake Bräkentortssjön where you will find beautiful hiking and biking trails. In winter, cross-country trails are groomed around the lake.

In the lake you can also find good fishing and bathing. In the area there are three elk parks.
Grazing horses are around the house to be found. Four adult bikes and two deck chairs are in the house. On the upper floor you can fully raise only in the middle of the room, the house has an open plan solution.


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 Stuga/Ljungby, Sweden

Newly built and isolated holiday home which is situated by the lake of Bråkentorpssjön. Good hiking trails in a forest with many berries and mushrooms.

Large family room with a large kitchen area.

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 Stuga/Södra Ljunga, Sweden

This house is at the edge of the forest, its big garden is surrounded by a stone wall. Here you can enjoy complete silence, where you recharge your batteries up again.

The location is at Södra Ljunga. In the house you will find a good setup and a fireplace for cool evenings.
In the well-kept bathrooms come true nostalgia. Two bedroom, via a small staircase. The roof slopes in two bedrooms do not interfere. A small forest path takes you to the pond, where you can jump into the water fresh.

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 Stuga/Finnhult/Agunnaryd, Sweden

This charming wooden house with a wooden porch is located in the middle of the beautiful natural landscape of Småland. The entrance is preserved in its original form.

The kitchen and bathroom are completely renovated and equipped with under floor heating. A dishwasher and induction cooker is available! The passageways to the bedrooms are low.
The garden in the backyard is very quiet and undisturbed.


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 Stuga/Sunnerå/Ryssby, Sweden

This lovely cottage is situated in Sunnerå, in the middle of the forest and 5 km away from Ryssby. The house is located in a secluded area with only one neighbour.

It has a nice barbecue area. A boat and a canoe are available on the lake Osasjön located 150 metres away.
You can rent bicycles here. The rent is inclusive of a licence for fishing in the lakes Osasjön, Tjurken, Fenen, Stor Immen, Borrasjön, Trehörningarna, Olasjön and Malasjön.


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 Stuga/Älmhult, Sweden

The house is situated high on a hill overlooking the countryside of Småland. Here, you can enjoy the freedom of the countryside as well as the proximity to the lake Vissjön and its abundant wildlife.

The nearest neighbour is 500 metres away. You can spend cosy evenings in front of the crackling fireplace in the living room, especially after a long day of skiing! On the second floor, the traditional wooden walls and the exposed beams create a special atmosphere.

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 Stuga/Hamneda/Lagaån, Sweden

This holiday home is part of a farmhouse located just outside of Ljungby. It is situated near the river Lagaån, where you can go fishing.

Only experienced swimmers can swim in the river! The house has a combined living-cum-bedroom. In this quiet environment you can see horses grazing in the fields.
The private terrace is covered and undisturbed. You can visit Elinge Elk Park, located 4 km away, where you are allowed to feed the animals.

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 Stuga/Agunnaryd/Älmtaryd, Sweden

What a feeling to live in this wunderfull stonehouse, which is from 1322 with thick stone walls. It is the childhood home of Ingvar Kamprads.

He played in the garden and there he started his big business idea, IKEA. The holiday home has a wonderful kitchen.
In most of the rooms there are quarry tiles and wooden floors. Big lighten family room with a stove. One of the bedrooms on the 1st floor is only seperated with a curtain. Good fishing possibilities in Möckeln or Tornasjön approx.
1,5 km.


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 Stuga/Ryssby, Sweden

This holiday house offers plenty of space, both within the house and in the garden outside. At the back of the house there is a patio.

The house is quite secluded, with the forest as its nearest neighbour. You can go fishing and swimming in the lake Ryssbysjön.
The house is very cosy, mainly because of the wood burning stove, which spreads a lovely warmth. The beach by the lake is very child friendly. You can fish for pike and zander here.

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Fishing areas nearby Stuga/Ryssby, Sweden

Ryssbysjön (Ljungby)
Stensjön och Agunnarydsjön
Bräkentorpasjöns FVO
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