Fishing Rules

Current regulations for fishing license holders.

Applicable rules for fishing license holders 010123.

A personal fishing license is required for sport fishing in Lake Sommen, which is mainly purchased digitally via

You must be able to identify yourself with an ID card and fishing license. Young people under the age of 15 do not need a fishing license. You ought to follow the rules. Parents are responsible for their children.

In the event of misuse of the above rules, control fees will be charged.

Fishing closer than 50 m from a jetty or built-up area without a special permit from the owner is not allowed.
Laid-out networks or other devices must not be damaged.

The fishing license:

Authorized to fish with hand tackle and fishing, spinning and fly rods in Lake Sommen.

Max two luresdevices per fishing license. For trolling, max two lures used on one boat.

Trolling license:

Trolling and downrigger alternatively paravane is allowed. When surface fishing with a downrigg or paravane, a maximum of six luresbaits may be used on one boat at the same time.

Every angler on the boat must have a fishing license and you must have a valid trolling license. We recommend single hooks for trolling to avoid damage when re-release the fish.

Closed season

The angler is responsible for inquiring about the closed season and the
protected areas for fish and birds to respect. The fishing license or the the control number (iFiske) must always be presented for the police, supervisor and owner of the water.

All fishing equipment must also be presentable.

The rules for Lake Sommen are as follows:

Fishing for trout and char is prohibited from September 16th to December 31st. If the species are caught anyway, they must be released immediately.
We ask you to remove the hook and hold the fish in a tub of water for about
5 minutes before the fish is re-released again.

Minimum size of catchable fish in Sommen:

Pike                40 cm

Zander            50 cm    catch limit max 2 /per day and person

Eel                  60 cm

Trout              65 cm    catch limit max 1 / per day and person

Char                65 cm    catch limit max 1 / per day and person





Prohibited fishing methods:

Intentional vertical fishing with the help of an echo sounder is only permitted in Sommenfjärden, Boxholmfjärden, Torpafjärden and Tranåssjön. Bounded south of the Torpö bridge and north at ferry pier.

By purchasing a membership card or fishing license from one of the affiliated fishing clubs of Lake Sommen, you can take an active part in the care of the lake.

Please keep nature clean! Be careful when making a fire. You must never make fire directly on the beautiful rocks.

We would like to give you a warm welcome to our unique lake Sommen.


Fishing Rules