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The most recent catch reports

Marcus Söderberg, 19-03-23
Husby-Hedemora FVOF
 Fishing method:Ice fishing
 Best lure/bait:live fish
 • 7 fish(es) Pike  at a total of 30.0 kg, Avg. Weight 4.29 kg.  "3 over 5"   (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Zander  at 3.8 kg.  (  No, released!)
Lars Bakken, 19-03-23
 Fishing method:Ice fishing
 Best lure/bait:maggot
   "Begins to get bad ice"
 • 1 fish(es) Rainbow trout  at 1.5 kg.
Dean Eagle, 19-03-23
Hornsjön, Indalsälven, Mörtsjöarna mfl
 Fishing method:Ice fishing
 Best lure/bait:Dead fish
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 3.8 kg.  (  No, released!)
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Recently added fishing waters

  • Skellefteälven, Krångbäcken, Hästbäcken - Krångfors FVO is located 2 km upstream of Skellefteå center and manages fishing from the village Dal up to Finnforsfallet. The fishing...
  • Innaren - Welcome to fish and experience a fantastic lake with a fine and clear water and with forested hills on the horizon. Here you...
  • Ottsjön, Offsjön, Håckren m fl vatten - Ottsjö FVO is located in the middle of the mountainous mountains of Sweden, nestled between mountains, forests and lakes. Ottsjö FVO is 25...
  • Storån, Lakavattnet m fl vatten - The following water is available in the fishing area: Storån, Lakavattnet, Tingelintjärn, Stenbottentjärn, Dammtjärn, Påletjärn, Långvikstjärn, Lill-Öretjärn, Raw iron, Long-iron, Stonebottentärn, Rust iron...
  • Högvadsån - Högvadsån is located in the municipality of Falkenberg in Halland. It flows into Ätran in Ätrafors and is Ätrans's largest tributary. Ätran...
  • Tydingesjön, Kallsjön - Tydinge Kallsjön's FVO has two lakes; Lake Tydingesjön and Kallsjön. These scenic fishing lakes are located in northwestern Scania. Pike, perch,...
  • Laxsjön, Långbrohöljen - Laxsjön is located at Billingsfors and just south of Bengtsfors. The lake is part of Dalslands Kanal's lake system. Several larger inflows...
  • Fylleån - Fylleån is one of the most valuable watercourses in Halland with nationally interesting stocks of genuine salmon and sea trout. ...
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