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Löftaåns FVF


Welcome to Löftaåns fiskevårdsförening ! With us you can fish in our put-and-take lake Lillesjön, (Stättared) We have 9 bridges, of which 4 are newly built in 2018 and 2020. It is also possible to fish directly from land. If all the bridges are occupied we would appreciate that you …
 Rainbow trout  Brown Trout  Roach  Eel 

Löftaåns FVF


Welcome to the Löftaåns fiskevårdsförening ! Löftaån delimits the municipality of Varberg and Kungsbacka and opens at Frillesås community. Our fishing waters stretch from the sea to the railway bridge and only fish from the northern part of the river. A small parking space is available for a maximum of …
 Pike  Salmon  Sea trout 
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