Step 2: Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Bollnäsströmmarna Ljusnan, Galvån,Varpen (Year card, 250:-/item)

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Fishing permit #1:
ID: 1326
Refers to: Årskort, Bollnäsströmmarna Ljusnan, Galvån,Varpen
Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 250:- (SEK, Incl. VAT)

From what date and time should it be valid from:

(Todays date: 19 Jan 2018)
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Rules and regulations

 When purchasing a product at iFiske, you agree to the rules and regulations below:
Minimum size trout, char 25 cm. Harr 30, perch 50cm Voxnan, Ljusnan 35 cm. Max 2 zander / fishing license and day. Maximum 3 precious fish / fishing license and day. Galvan stretch Åsbacka - Galvsjön, fishing may only be practiced with spinners and flies. Fishing is only allowed during the period June 1 to August 31, catch limit one fish per person. Minimum size: 35 cm trout and grayling 30 cm. For fishing license is required in Arbrå FVF FVF Fishing permit or Bollnas or receipt cards must be carried when fishing. In flowing water and put and take waters may only be used hand tools ie one rod per person. Ljusnan inlet of the warp counts as flowing water upstream of a line between the bridge and the Scandic Varpnäs promontory. Ljusnan inlet Vaxsjön counted as flowing water from Lottefors power plants down to the crossing transmission line approximately 300 m downstream of the power plant. Maximum 3 precious fish per card and day - applies in all waters. Fishing will be conducted in person. Children under 15 fish free in the company of an adult. Max 2 zander / day / short Number angeldon max 12 per card. 5 and trap fish trap 5. All of these tools to manage and emptied at least once a day. Fishing gear that is left unattended must be marked with the owner's name, address, fishing license number and phone number. Fishing from / by boat and float tube Lapp Tarn and Dog Tarns is prohibited. In Klump power is only fly fishing allowed. Galvan fishing with spinning or fly. Closed Klump current 15/10 - 15/5. Prohibition on fishing for brown trout in Bollnäsströmmarna15 / 10 - 31/12 and the other flowing water 1/9 - 31/12. All fishing with nets, longlines and stalls hook is prohibited. Fishing prohibited under water permits Lottefors, Donje, Sunnersta Holm Lenninge power station 25 m above and 50 m below the dam. Fishing is prohibited in the tunnel outlet warp and Sunnersta Holm. Fish Conservation Association Board has the opportunity to decide on the temporary exemption from the fishing rules. Info about news, changes and contacts on the website
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